S- special

C- children

O- organization

O- of

N- Norway

Established: 15.10.2008 Oslo - Norway


Organization for disabled children, helping the disabled children with regard to schooling, work, and social/cultural events.

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When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health
increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help kids.


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Message of Chairman

Dear Friends,

Millioins of handicapped children/persons is suffering difficulties in daily life. Scoon started to help PWDs since 15 oct. 2008 from Oslo - Norway.

Scoon mission, leaving no one is behind is the main theme of Sustainable Development Goals SDG's which Pakistan has ratified. But in Pakistan, people with disabilities are always left behind in all aspects of life. Every day is a challenge for people with disabilities but not because of their physical or mental conditions, but society's inability to serve their needs.

If we secure the rights of people with disabilities and give them a chance, could contribute significantly to the development of world as a whole. The nations of the world and persons with disabilities themselves have to work for this cause. There needs to be a shift from a culture of pity to one that focuses on dignity, empowerment and rights.

It is the need of hour to make persons with disabilities empowered through quality education; they must have equal access to employment and be able to live and work in a broader physical environment conducive to their mobility, learning and working needs. Disability is not inability - it is a diversity that needs to be accepted.

By carrying out future strategy, SCOON will comfort its position among the leading organizations through the provision of welfare services to persons with disabilities, with a particular focus to empower them social and economically. We have challenging years ahead, but will continue to strengthen our role in sector.

After 12 years struggle, we're able to change the lives of disabled and terminally ill children by providing thousands of items of equipment every year.

Scoon providing Empowerment courses for the PWDs through vocational traing. The main aim of this program is to enhance the quality of life of persons with disability through increased knowledge and skills.

Hundreds of people suffer from some form of disability. Scoon small business projects helps them to start a very small business with very small capital with scoon team support.

Orphans are those innocent souls who suffer the most on the earth due to unavailability of proper parental support. "Scoon Kafalat Program" to ensure a brighter future for the orphans.

People who do not have enough sources to purchase the daily foods, "Scoon" arrange a monthly food packges for them. Although its not a parmanent help but it helps them in poor time!

There are many ways to help charities and one of the best is to provide charity gifts for orphans and for school going kids.

With the effect of covid-19, we lost our loved ones our jobs and faced lots of mental traumas. But with the grace of ALLAH Scoon was fully devoted is serving humanity especially the handicpaed and needy people.

We really worked hard throughout the pandemic in providing wheelpchairs across the Pakistan. We educated poor students with the courses of graphic designing by giving them scholarships. I would like to highly thanks all my donors, my team members, my volunteers for standing shoulder to shoulder in supporting and winning the hearts of needy. The actual art of living is by serving humanity in true terms.

Hoping to work more with you people as a family so that we can promote this campaign world widely.

Now Scoon's mission is growing progressively and the achievements would have far reaching impacts for improving the effectiveness of our mission in shape of 5 Difference chapters:

  • Scoon - Norway
  • Scoon - Sweden
  • Scoon - Denmark
  • Scoon - Portugal
  • Scoon - Pakistan

Finally, I am grateful to my honorable board members for their valuable support in this journey and for providing strategic guidance for management. At the same time, I would like to thank and deep heartedly acknowledge the commitment and dedication of all staff for the growth of our organization and progress.

Shahid Jamil



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